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NeoStats 2.5.0 Released

After a year and a half of Development, to many crashes and segfaults to ever remember, NeoStats 2.5.0 has reached stable status. Minor bugfixes in this release fix all known bugs.

Posted by Justin Hammond 2003-02-21

NeoStats 2.5Beta3 Released

NeoStats 2.5Beta3 has been released today. Major changes to the Module API have been complete and this has every bug fix we know of.
New Features include updated Module API and Hybrid7 (experemental) support.
For more details, or to Discuss the new version, please visit

Posted by Justin Hammond 2002-08-16

NeoStats 2.5Beta2 Released

NeoStats 2.5 Beta2 has been released. No new features or modules, just bug fixes relating to Stability. Recomended version now

Posted by Justin Hammond 2002-05-27

NeoStats 2.5Beta1 Released

NeoStats 2.5 Beta1 has been released, after a lot of changes to the internal functions, and module updates, version 2.5 has entered Beta phase. Updated StatServ with Channel Statistics, and HTML output are some of the new features that have been added, as well as Initial Support for Ultimate IRCD's (and more to come as before we release 2.5.0 final)
Extensive work has been done to make this one of the most stable NeoStats releases todate :)

Posted by Justin Hammond 2002-03-28

ScriptServ for NeoStats Released

Version 1.0 of scriptserv, the scriptable services for Neostats IRCD services has been released. A fully scriptable bot, that can interact with databases, or external programs has been developed. Although only a very simple script is available right now, we are working on expanding our scripting archive at

Posted by Justin Hammond 2002-02-27

NeoStats 2.0.11 Released.

NeoStats 2.0.11 has been released with many big bugfixes including server segfaults, incorrect statistics reporting, etc.

Posted by Shmad 2001-09-25

NeoStats 2.0.6 is released.

NeoStats 2.0.6 is released. It is recommended all users of NeoStats 2.0 Betas upgrade to this copy as soon as possible. It is much stabler, and fixes quite a few small and major bugs, including some memory leaks.

Posted by Shmad 2001-02-15

NeoStats 2.0 Beta 1 is out

The Latest Development version of NeoStats has finally been released. Version 2.0 Includes a Major Re-Write of the base code and Support for a New Plug in system, with the ability to load Plug-In's or Modules at Runtime. We are looking for BSD/Solaris Developers to help us Port NeoStats to other Platforms as well.

Posted by Justin Hammond 2000-02-21

NeoStats Signs up with SourceForge

The Developers of NeoStats (ie, Shmad and myself) have signed up with SourceForge to provide CVS access to work in progress code, Mailing Lists, Bug Lists, and Forums for Feature requests... The new Version of NeoStats (2.0) is coming along very nicely, with some good new features, like Module Support, New Services (such as ICQServ) and Base Code Rewrites to support other IRCD's easily. Stay Tuned.

Posted by Justin Hammond 2000-02-02

NeoStats Development Information

We are working pretty hard in our Spare time at the moment to bring you the next version of NeoStats... Very soon I expect to be able to place a beta up here on the site for you all to test out, but seeing as its almost a total code re-write, we have to still fix up a bit. Its Mostly working now... and I'm starting to get excited about the new release... I think we are going to generate a lot of Interest in the new version, especially with the addition of ICQServ, which a lot of people are interested in. Right now, I'm just getting rid of show stoping bugs in the main code, and Shmad is working on some new modules (and its so damn top secret he won't even tell me what they are!)
We will be looking for more developers to work on additional modules when we release a beta... A few people have asked if we will be including Chanserv, Nickserv, etc... we will... if someone writes it (or at least helps us write it!)

Posted by Justin Hammond 2000-02-02