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NeoDatis Object Database 1.9.2

- Better Enum support in xml import/export (bug #2812773)
- lock on select objects by API
- Added the ability to execute batch insert without using cache to increase performance and capacity
- Added the ability to lock objects on selects
- the odb.ext().getObjectVersion() & odb.ext().getObjectUpdateDate() now can get the last object version/update date on disk or cache (Feature request #2812774)
- Correction for queries on objects with composed expression like or/and
- Using enum in the where part of a query (bug #2812772)
- Correction of CrossSessionCache (that enable automatic objects reconnection to sessions) (bug #2812774)
- NeoDatis Object Explorer : display type of array of elements

Posted by Olivier 2009-06-27

NeoDatis Object Database 1.9 Final

The NeoDatis Object Database for Java 1.9 final is out.

Many new features like Object Values API, Polymorphic queries, Groovy, Scala and Google Android support, Generics and Enum support.

Better performance for local and client/server mode.

More information:

Performance benchmark :

Posted by Olivier 2009-05-14

Open Database NeoDatis ODB: 1.9 RC6

NeoDatis ODB is a new generation Object Oriented Database. ODB is a real native and transparent persistence layer for Java, .Net, Groovy, Scala and Google Android. ODB is very simple and very fast and comes with a powerful query language.

This is the last release of the Java version of our Object Database before the final.
Some minor bug fixes of the RC5, Client/Server meta-model auto-refactoring and refresh feature for ODBExplorer... read more

Posted by Olivier 2009-04-27

NeoDatis Zero Bug Campaign : 10$ per bug

The 1.9 release of the java version of NeoDatis ODB is now in RC4 stage. The final release is coming soon.

But before we put the tag as a final version, we would like to get more feedbacks from the community, running one more test "game", and we are calling this kind of test, a "Community Test". The idea behind "Community Test" is simple, just asking for you to run and analyze Neodatis ODB against your application scenario, your use cases, and if you come across with some bug, report it.... read more

Posted by Olivier 2009-03-25

NeoDatis ODB Object database 1.9 RC1 released

The Object database NeoDatis ODB for Java, .Net, Groovy and Google Android is now available. It now supports java 1.5 Generics and run perfectly on Google Android. Check to see the complete list of new features.

Posted by Olivier 2008-12-18

NeoDatis ODB 1.9 For Android

The 1.9 version of the Object Oriented Database NeoDatis ODB can now run on Google Android the same way it runs on any other Java Virtual Machine :

Posted by Olivier 2008-12-18

NeoDatis 1.9 beta 2 & JPA (JPOX)

NeoDatis 1.9 Beta2, the Open Source Object Oriented Database for Java & .Net has been released with some minor bug fixes. Thanks to Andy from DataNucleus, JPOX ( : An Open Source Java Persistence API Implementation), JPox now supports NeoDatis as its database back-end!

Posted by Olivier 2008-06-03

Object Database NeoDatis ODB 1.9

There is a new release of the NeoDatis ODB Object Database available : 1.9 Beta1.

Here is a summary of the new features of the release:

- New Object Values API (
- odb.count(CriteriaQuery) to count objects using a query
- Encryption
- Client Server performance improvement
- Client Server Triggers
- Extended API for advanced Database functions
- Embedded Client Server : Better performance
- Instantiation and Parameter Helpers for helping ODB how to instantiate classes without default constructors
- Ability to create default constructors when a class does not have one
- Polymorphic queries
- Better Cyclic reference management
- Better support for MacOSX

Posted by Olivier 2008-05-05

NeoDatis ODB 1.8 final is out!

The 1.8 final release of The NeoDatis Open Source Object Database is out. Indexes, Embedded mode and Client Server are much faster.

Posted by Olivier 2008-02-12

New Object Values Query API

NeoDatis ODB Object Values API released. A new way to retrieve object values instead of full objects ( It may be very useful for reports for examples. Available in development release.

Posted by Olivier 2007-12-31

NeoDatis ODB Performance Benchmark

Finally, Pole Position Performance Benchmark for ODB vs Db4O is available at

Posted by Olivier 2007-12-11

NeoDatis ODB 1.8 beta4

- Faster local mode
- Changes in Criteria Query API
- Pole Position Performance Benchmark: ODB vs Db4O at

Posted by Olivier 2007-12-11

NeoDatis ODB 1.8 beta 3

The new release of NeoDatis ODB is out!

Client/Server mode :
- is much more faster
- Has an Administration Console to monitor connections
- Allows Object locks
- bugs corrected for both local and client server mode

Posted by Olivier 2007-12-05

NeoDatis ODB 1.8 beta is out

The new release of the NeoDatis ODB Object Oriented database is out. It is faster, a lot of bugs have been removed and a lot of new feature

Posted by Olivier 2007-11-23

First public release of NeoDatis ODB (Native OO Database)

The first public release of NeoDatis ODB Native Object Oriented Database(v 1.5.4) has been released.

NeoDatis ODB is the faster way to persist Java, .Net and Mono Objects without any mapping technics. ODB simply stores objects the way they are. ODB supports various Query types (CriteriaQuery and NativeQuery) and comes with a powerfull
ObjectExplorer to consult, insert, update, delete stored objects. Have a look at the ODB 1 minute tutorial at
to understand how it works.

Posted by olivier 2006-10-09