#122 Ancient code

Java (76)

NeoDatis is using some extremely ancient jdbm source.
It really needs to be upgraded


  • Olivier

    Olivier - 2012-05-27

    Hi Andrew,

    Where can I find the last jdbm version ?

    Is is at https://github.com/jankotek/JDBM3 ?


  • Andrew Kroll

    Andrew Kroll - 2012-05-29

    You could update to a better JDBM, but what I have done is patched mine with the bits that matter, mainly those that deal with disk access. My patch reduces disk activities by a giant amount, speeding up the transactions, and outperforms all the JDBM versions available to date. If there were some way for me to participate more directly to the beta branch (i.e. commit access) I have a lot of bug fixes and enhancements that could be merged in. Since the BETA branch already breaks the original API, new additions and improvements should be done there, but many (such as my JDBM patches) can be back-ported as a drop-in replacement without changing the original API at all... How can I get commit access?


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