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Project Delayed - Now Back On Track

Gosh, this almost turned into vapourware!

If any of you have been keeping track of the progress of Nemus over the last couple of months, you will have noticed that nothing has been updated in quite some time.

Unfortunately, I'm writing this project in my spare time; and as such, when other things in the rest of my life demand attention, I don't have much of a choice but to focus on my priorities.

However, fortunately, I'm committed to this project, and I'd really like to see it finished! So I'm getting back into it, and hopefully, we'll all see a new update in couple of weeks. Stay tuned!... read more

Posted by Jesse Towner 2002-08-16

Nemus 1.0.1 Alpha Released

This is a major improvement since the last release. I'm happy to announce that it now runs Earth Bound Zero (Mother J), and Battle Toads!! Wow, one of the only emulators to do this!

The stage is now set to begin to add in sound emulation and a menu interface. So check out this release and stay tuned for a continually improving emulator.

Posted by Jesse Towner 2002-06-20

Nemus 1.0.0 Alpha Released

Here's the first alpha release of Nemus. It's only intended for testing, and not for general use.

Interface-wise, Nemus features a quake-style console. Unfortunately, a point-and-click interface has yet to be written, so the console is the only means to setup and use Nemus for this release.

It also currently requires a 3D graphics card and DirectX 8.1. Anything less, and it's not guaranteed to run. OpenGL and software rendering support will be added in a future release.... read more

Posted by Jesse Towner 2002-06-13

Nearing First Alpha Release

Libemu++ turned out to be an overwhelming project for myself to tackle alone, and was thusly abandoned for a much simpler implementation.

However, I have been working fairly steady on Nemus and I'm proud to be able to announce that I'm nearing an initial beta release--I plan to release no later than June 8th / 2002. Wow, finally a project of mine that hasn't turned into vapourware!

Source code will be withheld for this release to protect notable code from being used in other emulator projects. The rationale behind this decisions is that if source was released this early into the lifetime of the project it may result in giving an unfair advantage to other somewhat more mature emulators. My vision, while acknowledged as being ambitious, is to realistically create a NES emulator to end all NES emulators. So as Nemus matures and it's position on the NES emulator "ladder" solidifies, the source code will be released under GPL for all to view.

Posted by Jesse Towner 2002-06-07

Project Is Underway

Well, looks like things are getting fired up here. It has been decided that Nemus will be composed of two parts: the core application, and the emulation framework. The emulation framework can eventually become a seperate library, which I am calling libemu++. For now, however, it will be a part of Nemus.

Essentially, libemu++ will abstract the emulation of a hardware configuration from the environment that it is being simulated in. This should help facilitate modularity and portability across a wide range of environments and applications, and promote maximum reusability.... read more

Posted by Jesse Towner 2002-04-11