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First Release of Nemesis-forum

Nemesis-forum is a bulletin board (forum) built on J2EE technology(Jsp/Servlet).

Nemesis forum is compatible with JDK 1.4 and any Servlet Container which supports Jsp 1.2 and Servlet 2.3.(servlet 2.2 not tested).

First version is based on code from yazd ( and on the last Open Source code base from Jive 1.2.4.

some features:

-Struts 1.1 based Back office (forums administration tool)
-i18n Back-Office
-users/groups management.
-permissions management.
-you can configure forum administration/moderation/read/post to specific users/groups (so you can manage public,private and restricted forums)
-Forum PRE Moderation : None - Thread only - Thread and Message must be approved
-Forum POST moderation : on/off-line-message-status,delete,edit ...
-Content filters
-integrated Search engine (lucene)
-Multi-databases: Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Microsoft SQLServer, Sybase, Interbase, Hypersonic SQL, Pointbase, Informix and Postgres
-embedded and preconfigured HSQL Database Engine for easy testing-deployment/developement
-Support Datasource configuration : JNDI datasource or the Built-in Database connection pool or nopool
-simple front demo application
-...... read more

Posted by davidlaurent 2003-05-20