#57 case insensitive tags search option


This patch adds the option to ignore the case on tags
lookup. The feature is enabled for those languages
which have the new tooggle button "Language is case
sensitive" unset in Preferences > Default Settings >
Language modes.

The patch also includes a new macro varible
$lang_case_sense, which is 0 for languages set case
insensitive, 1 otherwise.

Technical notes:
- If the language mode is case insensitive, then _in
that text window_ tags lookup will be done case
insensitive for all loaded tags files, even if the
destination language is case sensitive (for example
when looking for a C identifier when editing a Fortran
92 File)

- The preferences format ( .nedit) changed:
There is a new field for the nedit.languageModes
records in .nedit. preferences update is requested, the
new file version will be 5.4

- For now this patch requires also patch#520509 "macro
functions for gathering tags infos" since I still
didn't have the time to separate them.
Use either nocase+macro-tags_01.diff which contains
both patches or case-insensitive-tags_01.diff if
patch#520509 is already installed.

Markus Schwarzenberg


  • Markus Schwarzenberg

    cvs diff -c against CVS Head as of 20020610 including tags_macro_03.diff of patch#520509

  • Markus Schwarzenberg

    cvs diff -c against CVS Head as of 20020610, requiring tags_macro_03.diff of patch#520509


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