#172 EWMH raise support


This patch sets an EWMH hint before XMapRaised is called to raise a window from within nedit (or nedit-server).

This is usefull for nedit in non-tabbed mode or nc when trying to access/raise an already opened, but (partially) hidden nedit window, especially when the "focus stealing prevention" of the window manager cannot be configured to allow nedit to raise it's windows.
(Or more drastically: it makes nc usable again for those window managers)

The code for this patch is borrowed from wmctrl (1.0.7).

The patch is tested successfully with Fedora 9 / Metacity (Gnome).


  • Bert Wesarg

    Bert Wesarg - 2008-11-24

    Great, this was bugging me for a while. I have the feeling, that this has more to do with the X server than the window manager.

    Anyway thanks for this.

  • Scott Tringali

    Scott Tringali - 2017-02-04
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
    • assigned_to: Bert Wesarg
    • Group: --> development
  • Scott Tringali

    Scott Tringali - 2017-02-04

    I think this was integrated


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