#104 move tab by drag and drop

TK Soh

This patch allows users to move the tabs by dragging
and dropping them in the target window, either on the
text area or the tabs. If tab sorting is disabled, the
'moved' tab will be relocated to the right-hand-side of
the target tab. WIth this, you can arrange the tabs in
any order you want.

If the tab is dropped on the tab bar gutter, the
right-most tab of the tab bar will serve as the target tab.

This patch is strictly a proof of concept. Comment,
improvement or even replacement is welcome.

Patch v1.0 runs on RedHat 9.0 with OM-2.1.30. Lesstif
(0.93.18) compiled but, however, won't work - help me
fix it if you can.


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  • Maxim Yanchenko

    Maxim Yanchenko - 2008-11-12

    Hi, there is a patch drag-move-v1_4.diff on the same link.

    What's new:
    - Inter-process drops are fully fixed now.
    - Cursor changes so you visually dragging the tab.
    - When moving the dragged tab above the tab bar, it shows the drop
    - Drag&drop is controlled by three options (all False by default):
    - - dragDropTabs - enable drag and drop for tabs
    - - dragDropTabsCursor - enable nice cursor
    - - dragDropTabsAnimation - enable drag and drop animation

    Tested with OpenMotif 2.3.0 over Exceed on Windows only, so please test it
    with other Motifs, X servers, window managers, and let me know how it works
    (on Exceed, I see artifacts while drawing under a moving cursor).


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