#90 Autosave if loss of contact with X server


I often export the display of NEdit windows to a remote PC across
a VPN to do my work from home. This works great until the VPN
connection dies due to an Internet connectivity problem, at which
time, all my NEdit windows evaporate along with any unsaved
changes. I generally save quite often because of this, but it would
be nice if there was a feature where NEdit would automatically
attempt to save the contents of its windows if the connection is lost
with the X server.


  • Joerg Fischer

    Joerg Fischer - 2005-02-08

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    Have you turned on Incremental Backup, cf. Help -> Crash

    (I'm no expert, but I assume that this is all what can be done
    in case of a crash or loss of the X server connection.)

  • Michael Sullivan

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    I'll look into that, but I still think that what I'm asking for is possible.
    NEdit runs prior to starting the X server session, so it stands to reason
    that it could still run after the X session ends with a registered signal
    handler. The only problem would be if the text that hasn't been saved
    only exists in the X server itself.


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