#57 emulate tabs should be languate specific

Tobias Oed

I don't like hardware tabs in c source files so I
'emulate tabs' by default. The problem comes when I
edit a makefile: there I need to insert hardware tabs.
If the 'emulate tabs' was a language specific option, I
wouldn't have to change it by hand each time I open a
That's the only only trouble I have with nedit, it's a
great editor!


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    How about using (un)expand?

    -- Joerg

  • Tobias Oed

    Tobias Oed - 2004-02-25

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    unexpand/expand is a workarround.
    If I use hardware tabs and forget to unexpand before saving
    a C file a simple grep --context can end up looking broken.
    If I emulate hardware tabs and forget to expand before
    saving a Makefile the next built is broken.
    So either way I have to remember to do something with which
    I'd rather not be bothered with. Admitedly it's not that big
    a deal but since there is already language specific tab
    settings I thought it would be nice to make it complete.
    cheers Tobias.

  • Thos R Tanner

    Thos R Tanner - 2005-11-07

    Logged In: YES

    I too would like to see 'emulate tabs' become language
    specific. The lack of this facility causes no end of
    problems when trying to edit makefiles (where tabs are
    significant) at the same time as trying to edit some other
    language where tabs are banned by coding conventions.

    I suppose if I were clever I could add something to save
    that would, according to the current language, convert tabs
    to spaces (difficult for non-leading tabs) - and strip
    trailing white space, which I find aggravating. But I'm not
    yet up to scripting this sort of thing.


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