#132 Please make the main tab bar draggable!


This is one of the bigger blockers for me with this editor. I don't *really* mind not having this feature all that much, but I would highly appreciate support for it.

I've noticed that Motif/LessTif seems to have some kind of drag functionality built on top of the middle mouse button - clicking and dragging tabs currently seems to set the mouse cursor to something suggesting drag/drop functionality then dropping does a draw-a-cute-animation effect.

Of course, I could be completely wrong about this, but out on a ledge, I'm assuming that drag/drop is actually enabled for the tab bar but LessTif doesn't support the actual drag/drop "go do it" code yet? Or possibly something else? Is this drag/drop thing standard for all tab bars?

At any rate, if it's possible one might be able to bind this apparently present drag/drop code to mouse button #1 then build on top of it to:
1, Enable moving of tabs into other NEdit windows without having to use the Window menu
2, Enable dragging and dropping of tabs to arbitrary positions in the tab bar

Of course, I could be wrong about this {Mot,LessT}if builtin functionality (I'm assuming it's built into the toolkit); additional code might need to be rewritten. But regardless of support, whether external or internal, being able to drag tabs around a current editor instance's tab bar - and even maybe dragging tabs across windows - sounds like a good idea.



  • dav7

    dav7 - 2008-09-26
    • priority: 5 --> 8

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