Setting the textcolor of inactive editor tabs

  • TheBigEasy

    TheBigEasy - 2006-10-06

    How do I set/change the color of the text in the inactive editor tabs?

    I use to have many files open in nedit, but only for the active tab am I able to see the filename within the tab. The filenames in the inactive tabs are in about the same color as the tab color...

    I assume I've got to add an entry in my .Xresources file, but what? I've scrolled through and could not find something remotely similar the the item I wish to set... Using editres to get some more info yielded an overwhelming amount of widgets without anu clarity as to what I should set or do...

    Any help would be reallt appreciated!

    • Thorsten Haude

      Thorsten Haude - 2006-10-06


      you can find the resource list in the online help, Customizing -> X Resources. The resource in question is called 'nedit*XmLFolder.inactiveForeground' and you have indeed add it to your ~/.Xresources file.

      One more point: The mailing lists are much more active, next time you might want to ask any questions there:



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