Bert Wesarg - 2009-04-30

Hello Nobody,

I suspect this is your output of nedit -V:

NEdit 5.5
Sep 30, 2004

Built on: Linux, x86-64, GNU C
Built at: Nov 24 2008, 14:30:14
With Motif: 2.1.0 [@(#)GNU/LessTif Version 2.1 Release 0.95.0]
Running Motif: 2.1 [unknown]
Server: The X.Org Foundation 10600000
Visual: 24-bit TrueColor (ID 0x21, Default)
Locale: en_US.UTF-8

and unfortunatly your distribution build NEdit with a known bad version of lesstif. So its best to report this to your distribution.


Bert Wesarg