#276 OS390 compile error highlightData.c

Program (402)

I am getting the following compile error when
building/compiling on OS390 with current CVS:

ERROR CCN3186 ./highlightData.c:551 String literal
must be ended before the end of line.
ERROR CCN3045 ./highlightData.c:552 Undeclared
identifier string.
ERROR CCN3045 ./highlightData.c:552 Undeclared
identifier insert_string.
ERROR CCN3045 ./highlightData.c:552 Undeclared
identifier mouse_pan.
ERROR CCN3191 ./highlightData.c:552 The character \
is not a valid C source character.
ERROR CCN3277 ./highlightData.c:552 Syntax error:
possible missing ',' or '}'?
CCN0793(I) Compilation failed for file ./highlightData.c.
Object file not created.
FSUM3065 The COMPILE step ended with return code 12.
FSUM3017 Could not compile highlightData.c. Correct
the errors and try again.
make[1]: *** [highlightData.o] Error 3


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  • Thorsten Haude

    Thorsten Haude - 2006-02-05

    Logged In: YES

    That's the NEdit Macro pattern set btw.

  • Tony Balinski

    Tony Balinski - 2006-02-05

    Logged In: YES

    There are the hyphen-punctuated action routine names, I
    presume. I suggest you go ahead and remove them. Nobody
    should be using them now; I think they should be removed
    from the code base too (and the special parser/lexer code
    removed too). They've been deprecated for almost as long as
    I remember, and were only there for compatibility between v4
    (where macros were simply sequences of action routine calls)
    and v5 (where the macro language was first implemented) anyway.

  • Thorsten Haude

    Thorsten Haude - 2006-09-17

    Logged In: YES

    Something related came up in the mailing list lately: We
    should offer a program to translate Resources from nedit.rc
    to pattern files and C code. The latter part could then
    limit itself to 500 or so characters per line. Volunteers?

  • Thorsten Haude

    Thorsten Haude - 2006-09-30
    • priority: 5 --> 9
  • Thorsten Haude

    Thorsten Haude - 2008-01-04
    • priority: 9 --> 8
  • Thorsten Haude

    Thorsten Haude - 2008-01-04

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    Any quick fix would have more serious consequences, so we have to postpone it.

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