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After you finish to Install QtCreator or you finish to [Compile QtCreator] you have to set it up.

Configure Qt Creator

You will just need to set up the Qt in Path to the freshly installed Qt for Android Sdk, and to provide the android Sdk to use.

  • Previous step should have installed you Qt Creator for Android, you will find a shortcut on your desktop.
  • Run Qt Creator for Android and click on Tools > Options, then jump to the Qt4 tab. Just add the qmake path from the Qt For Android Sdk (/opt/necessitas/Android/<qtversion>/bin/qmake by default).
  • Give this Qt version a name (e.g. android-lighthouse-4.8.0).

Set Qt Path in Qt Creator
Figure 1. Set Qt Path for Qt Creator to Qt Sdk for Android

Set Android Sdk, Ndk & Ant Path in Qt Creator
Figure 2. Set Android Sdk, Ndk & Ant Path - With this view you can even manage the AVDs you created (AVD stands for Android Virtual Device)

  • Jump back to the Qt4 tab, select the version of Qt you added previously and build the gdb helpers, so that your debugging output will be clean and easily readable for Qt specific constructs.
  • Click Apply & Ok and you are done, you can start using the awesome Qt Sdk for Android.



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