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This instructions are tailored for Linux, Ubuntu linux 12.04. Any Linux distribution which is reasonably updated should work anyway. There are some minimum GLIBC/GCC requirements, but anything updated at least at 01/2012 should not have any problems, provided that you fullfill all the requirements either by installing you distro packets or from sources. Ubuntu 12.04 do include all the requirements in the default repositories.

It is also possible to compile QtCreator on Windows and MacOSX, but this Wiki page at the moment will not cover it.


First of all, you need a working Linux installation. On this Wiki page Ubuntu 12.04 will be used as a reference, please note that any flavor of Linux should work.

Hardware Requirements

Compiling the QtCreator is a long task and shall take time even on powerful hardware. It is suggested a modern CPU and as much RAM as you can. Expect much less than building the Qt framework, but still quite some time.

Make sure you have at least 20gb of free hard-disk space because of all the requirements and compile time space. Since this is a work-in-progress, the build tree will not be cleaned after the build is complete. So be wise, and increase that filesystem!

System Software Requirements

To compile QtCreator you don't need all the usual dependency of Necessitas. But make sure your distribution has all the usual build tools. On Ubuntu, you want to make sure that the following packages are installed (use the package manager):

  • build-essential
  • git

It might be time to install also these packages, which are required for Necessitas SDK and not for building Qt directly:
ant (minumum version 1.8)

Specific Requirements

The QtCreator build process requires the Qt framework in place. Do not get confused... you do not need the Android Qt framework nor Necessitas! What you need is a recent release of the Qt framework for linux! The easiest way is to grab the Nokia Qt SDK from, download wither the online or offline version, as you prefer, and install it on your machine. Just remember the path where you have installed it because you will need it soon.

Please note that a reasonable recent versiob of the Qt framework is required. At very least Qt 4.7.4, but probably Qt 4.8 will be mandatory soon.

Get ready and start!

Get the sources

The QtCreator sources for Necessitas are available from the official git repository at the following url: <git:"" ~taipan="" qt-creator="" android-qt-creator.git="">.

To clone the repository, the usual command is:

git clone git://

You need internet access, of course. A new folder called android-qt-creator. This folder will contain the entire QtCreator sources both before and after the build, so place it where you have plenty of free disk space and where you plan to install the framework.


To compile QtCreator, you must first run qmake, then make. When running qmake, be sure to specify the full path to the Qt framework you are using. If you have installed the Nokia Qt SDK as suggested above, just remember the full path and add bin/qmake to it. So get into the sources folder:

cd android-qt-creator
/full_path_to_installed_qt_framework/bin/qmake -r
make -j3

(you have to replace 3 with the number of CPU or cores your PC have + 1)



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