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Clone android-lighthouse repository

git clone git://
cd android-qt

Prepare & compile Qt

cd /path/to/cloneOfandroid-lighthouse/, use to configure and compile Qt framework.
Use the following command if you configure/compile Qt for the first time:

./android/ -n /where/you/install/android/ndk -q 1 -d 1

Previous command will cleanup any older configuration, and then will configure & build (for debugging) Qt framework, it will take a while until everything is finished.

If you want ONLY to compile Qt (you MUST have it previously configured) you should use without -q 1 option.

./android/ -n /where/you/install/android/ndk

After Qt finish the compilation you can add it to QtCreator Qt Versions, check [Setup QtCreator] page for more information.

To complete the job, you have to push qt libs to your device.
QtCreator can do this job for you, if you check Deploy local qt libs option (Projects->Android (run tab)->Deploy configurations->Deploy local qt libs) check the picture below.

Deploy local qt libs accepts the following parameters (you can see all options by adding -p to script parameters):

usage: ./ options

-p Shows this message
-c Clean qt
-q Qt build options
0 - don't configure qt (only compile) default
1 - configure qt and compile qt
-b Build qt
0 - don't build
1 - build
-s Install qt
0 - don't install
1 - install
-n NDK root. Default "/usr/local/android-ndk-r5b"
-o NDK host. Default "linux-x86"
-f NDK toolchain prefix. Default "arm-linux-androideabi"
-v NDK toolchain version. Default "4.4.3"
-a Target cpu architecture. Default "armeabi"
armeabi - tune for android arm v5
armeabi-v7a - tune for android arm v7
Optional name suffix: v5/v7
-h Shared
0 - Build static version of qt
1 - Build shared version of qt
-x Exceptions options
0 - don't use exceptions (you won't be able to build qtcreator with such a qt though)
1 - use exceptions
Optional name suffix: Xc/Nx
-d Build debug qt
Optional name suffix: D/R/DaR
-r Build release qt
Optional name suffix: R/D/DaR
-m Modify install path according to passed in options (name suffixes applied in above listed order).
-i Install path. Default "/home/your-name/path/to/android-lighthouse"



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