#188 assets driver doesn't know what files are in a directory

alpha 4

Currently, getting a list of files from an asset directory returns an empty list, even if there are files in there. For example, in a project called simpleapp with a Block component:

    QFile file("/qml/simpleapp/Block.qml");
    qDebug() << file.fileName() << "exists:" << file.exists();
    QDir dir("/qml/simpleapp/");
    qDebug() << "dir:" << dir1.entryList();

D/Qt (24476): "/qml/simpleapp/Block.qml" exists: true
D/Qt (24476): dir: ()

This breaks things, including the ability of QtDeclarative to see user-made components. For example, my main.qml in the project above cannot use the Block type, because QtDeclarative doesn't see it, even though it's there. (Since this breaks just about every QtQuick app there is, I think it should be given high priority.)

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  • BogDan Vatra

    BogDan Vatra - 2012-05-15
    • status: accepted --> pending
  • Tyler Mandry

    Tyler Mandry - 2012-06-17
    • status: pending --> closed
  • Tyler Mandry

    Tyler Mandry - 2012-06-17

    I tried the new schema and it works great... Thanks!!

    My only nitpick is that it doesn't work with a leading slash.. i.e. assets://assetfile does not work, but assets:/assetfile does.


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