#179 Windows don't have minimized state when activity is paused


Copied from: http://code.google.com/p/android-lighthouse/issues/detail?id=44&sort=status

Reported by Sergey.G...@gmail.com, Oct 21, 2010
We need all top-level widgets to have minimized state when activity is not currently running. This is important to shut down some actions (a) running in non-UI threads or (b) eliminate UI repaints if UI thread is not blocked (see our patch in grym-android-lighthouse). I added the following functions to the our clone:

static void applicationActive(JNIEnv /env/, jobject /thiz/);
static void applicationDeactivated(JNIEnv
/env/, jobject /thiz/);

And call them from Java. But, if I actually minimize windows, I cannot un-minimize them in applicationDeactivated() for some reason. So for now I just set a boolean flag that activity is not running and check that flag via yet one more exported function, which is not a very nice solution.

Comment 1 by Sergey.G...@gmail.com, Nov 3, 2010
I've fixed it in grym, windows are now deactivated and re-activated, also ApplicationActive and ApplicationDeactivated events are sent to QApplication.


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