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Welcome on the home of the android lighthouse project.

What is Necessitas ?

Necessitas is the codename for the port of Qt on the Android Operating System and of the user-friendly Qt Creator Integration with Android,

This project provides you Qt for the Android Operating System, and a first-class citizen IDE letting you manage, develop, deploy, run & debug your Qt Applications on Android Devices.

A Simple Qt Application Being Debugged in the Qt Creator Android Integration

To see more, you can click here to get videos of the port, or you can test Qt on your Android Device by installing a demo from the Google Market.

What is Ministro ?

Necessitas is also the Home of Ministro, an Android application which provides a system wide downloader and installer of the LGPL Qt shared libraries. You can find Ministro on the Android Market or as direct download here.

Download it

You can download the binary precompiled sdk and follow our 5 minutes three-click install guide on the wiki pages, to start writing Qt C/C++ Android applications right now.

Get support

To get support about the usage of Necessitas and about any Android Lighthouse related discussions you can join our google group or post on the wiki pages related to your problem.


The sources are hosted on gitorious in order to ease eventual collaboration to the Qt Framework mainline, you can get them by cloning the following git repositories:

To know how to compile it yourself we invite you to read the following wiki pages: [Compile Qt framework], [Compile QtCreator].

In order to be able to contribute in an efficient manner you could read the [Guidelines for contributions to Necessitas project].


The [Necessitas licensing policy] lets you write as well Free or Non-Free Softwares with the Necessitas SDK, please read the [Necessitas licensing policy] to fully understand in which terms and fields this is possible.

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