Really long books?

  • aaaaugh

    aaaaugh - 2010-06-27

    I've tried both War and Peace and The Brothers Karamazov, my two favorite books that I downloaded dslibris to read, and as far as I can tell it hangs at "opening EPUB…"
    I've obtained both of them from epubbooks, so I hope they're formatted correctly etc.
    Do they take hours to open, or is my dslibris freezing? In either case, is there anything I can do?

  • Ray Haleblian

    Ray Haleblian - 2010-07-04

    Very possibly running out of memory due to the file size.
    Anybody know a program that lets you cut an EPUB into pieces?

  • Stuart Sexton

    Stuart Sexton - 2011-04-13

    Did you sort it out?  I have the same problem.  Thanks

  • Shizuku

    Shizuku - 2011-05-05

    Maybe there can be an update to dslibris to handle larger books?  I get a red(?) screen of death if I attempt to open my book with 580,000 words…


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