PDF Files?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    My books are in .pdf format. I have tried using various methods posted here, but none seem to work perfectly. Extracting through OO results in some words without spaces between them, and a lot of HTML at the top of the page, (not sure what HTML I can delete without messing it up) is there a program I can use, or a guide to go from pdf to xhtml?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Try CALIBRE. It will make a .epub file and should be good. If not the problem was with your Pdf file. You don't have to stay with xhtml, or xml.
    Dslibris is .epub compatible.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Worked perfect as far as I can tell, thanks a bunch!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    @ nobody # 2
    Thank you SO much!!! I've been at it for the past hour trying to figure out a way of converting these PDFs into something actually readable on the DS. Man, the Calibre is a life-saver!!! Here is a direct link for you other users having the same problem. THANKS AGAIN!


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