too slow for me

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I like dslibris interface, but I have about 20 books in my card (2000+ pages). When I start dslibris it always indexing all books (2minutes) and then goes to last remembered page in book ( 2 minutes). Why? Why I have to wait 4 minutes just to see single page of book? Maybe dslibris should do some preprocessing, maybe xhtml is not  good for nds? :-) Do not treat this complains too seriously, I really appreciate your hard work to construct xhml reader.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Something is wrong with your card. Indexing that  amount of books would take absolutely no more than 10 seconds with mine (m3 real+2Gb trancend class4 fat16).
    But you're right, program could be faster. Like showing just file list at start and start checking each book only when opening it. But everyone is too lazy to program it.

  • Max X

    Max X - 2009-10-22

    I have around 80 books on my card and it doesn't take 2 minutes. At most its around 30 seconds. Sounds like something is wrong with your flash cart or your micro sd.

  • BeeVee

    BeeVee - 2009-10-22

    Hmm, interesting mine is the same slow startup time, it's why I only have six of my hundreds of books on there, and yet the SD card is a brand new 4GB PNY MicroSD in an Acekard 2i


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have the same problem too.  The only solution is never close the problem and just put the nds to sleep only.  I have EZFlash V and 2g Kingston card.  No problem with and game or moonshell text reader with the same book.
    If someone can test the following book and see how long it take.  It took about an hour for me :-(


  • Michael Speth

    Michael Speth - 2009-12-24

    I started having this problem with the 1.4.9 build.  I was using a 1.3.x before and loading was fast.  I think its something to do with the later build.

  • Michael Speth

    Michael Speth - 2011-09-30

    I still have the problem with builds later than 1.3.x where indexing takes a very long time.  I have some epub books that I want to read but the epub format was included in 1.4.3 which requires a large amount of time for indexing.

    I see there is active coding development, has anyone addressed the problems with the 1.4.x versions regarding indexing?


  • Shred

    Shred - 2012-08-22


    I love DS Libris, it is really good. However, I do have this loading speed problem too and it is quite annoying. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

    Thanks a lot,

  • Michael Speth

    Michael Speth - 2012-08-22

    If you are using 1.4.x version, then only use the epub format.  If you want to use the xml format, then use a 1.3.x version.

  • Shred

    Shred - 2012-08-23

    Thanks, but I only use epub format!


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