#45 Guru Meditation Error on some epubs

parsing (16)

Not entirely tested, but it appears if the html files in an epub have a .xml extension, dslibris crashes with a Guru Meditation Error. Problem can be seen with epubs from books.google.com and epubbooks.com.

There is nothing wrong with the xml files, as if the files are extracted out and the extension changed to xhtml the file is loaded and operates correctly. The problem appears to be as simple as the dslibris not supporting content with an extension of .xml

(Not fully tested - I plan on repackaging one of these epubs and chanigng the .xml to .xhtml - that should identify for certain if the problem is with the file extensions of the epub's contents - if this issue hasn't been resolved by the time i get that done, I will post my results.)


  • Ray Haleblian

    Ray Haleblian - 2011-03-20

    Look into this.

  • Ray Haleblian

    Ray Haleblian - 2011-03-20
    • priority: 5 --> 6

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