10/10/2002 release as many changes

As intended a while ago, I reimplemented the menu stuff to be a descendant of the ListBox.
This gives us a lot more of flexibility than with the ncurses menues, mostly related to events and messaging.
Properly speaking, now this is more an extension of the panel library than an extension of the ncurses library, but we still have some stuff inherited from the libncurses++ stuff...
- From now on and for a while, the only changes I expect to introduce other than patches for uncovered bugs has to do with the navigation logic of the Tabbed dialogs (right now it's going to be seen what happens if you add tabs up to more than the width of the containing window. We should stack them or we should provide a button with a left/right arrow to scroll them horizontally?).
- Next. I should optimize the refresh stuff and repainting, since right now I spread them generously to be shure I got the stuff refreshed.
- The third thing to do is work a bit on color configuration.
-The fourth is to provide for different configurations (I still can't make the mouse work on the console, while on xterm it's working fine...)
- Same thing happens with the characters: on xterm the localized chars (tilded vowels, portughese consonants...) don't show up, while on the console they do
- If someone has some idea where to look for this, any help is welcome.

Posted by Miguel Pinkas 2002-10-10

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