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Hi Stas


Well, ignore my previous mail(s).

I checked out today and got the picture about the pointers stuff (Transport layer).


I made some tiny changes to get the simple_* examples to compile on my box:

- For some sources, I removed the ncurses path from the ncurses includes (I have ncurses headers at /usr/include).

  i.e: <ncurses/curses.h> now is <curses.h>


For Makefile:

- created LOW_NDK_EXAMPLES = simple_panel simple_window simple_transport



Everything compiled and ran well.


Nice model.


Let me know if I should check in these, or if you will add them to your code and check in yourself (or if I should shut up because something is out of my sight J )


Are you porting the widgets part of ndk++?

I would be able to help doing some of that.


If I understand correctly, what now is a driver’s concern will be processed in at_mouse_event/at_keyboard_event methods, right?


Let me know what can I do to speed up this part.

I would like to upgrade all the current ndk++ to this model asap, and then I can try it on my current project (the one for which I developed ndk++ in the first place…)


Best regards