Hi people!


Ok, best way of keeping in pace seems to be to checkout daily.

I’ve seen what you have done already, which makes me think of you having somewhere on your desktop a nice UML-like drawing or something like that.

I refuse to accept you are doing all this all that quickly off the top of your heads. :-D

Is there any way I can grab a copy of it, so I can have an idea of the whole picture…?


This far, I have nothing to say, except I didn’t get the full idea about using pointers for the driver part.

Can you give me some hint?

Of course, the way this is done now was a quick and dirty choice…


Also, thank you for bringing to my attention the boost library (which I didn’t know, I’m browsing it’s manual now…).  I guess it’s the closest thing you can get on C++ to Eiffel agents, isn’t it…? J

Just more ugly, as usual… L

I think we should list this library as a prerequisite for using the ndk++ stuff…

(I learned about its inclusion trying to compile)

Excuse me if I keep trying it, but I learned years ago the nice trick of code a little, test a little, so I always try to end my day with the previous stuff working… J


Best regards,