Miguel Pinkas - 2002-09-11

I'm thinking of getting rid of all the current menu tree inheritance from NCursesMenu.
My idea is to make the menues specialized ListBoxes and the menu items specialized ListItems.

And in the way there, maybe I will get rid of all the old c++ interface, and reuse part of the NCursesWindow and NCursesPanel stuff.
This way I can get what I want:  interface objects which *are not*  but *manage* real state objects, gaining the ability to create the underlying real state elements when on_dlg_init is called and not on the constructors.    That's a lot more flexible.  A case in point are the menues, where I want to add MenuItems to Menues at the NDK level, but only construct them on the window later...
Well, I know there are not that much readers of this yet, but even two heads can go further than one (mos of the time, anyway... ;-)  )