I made a mistake by answering to Pavel Roskin directly, here is my message and his answer :

Me :
It's not a pcmcia card, it is a "mini-pci" card ! It's in my laptop, I cannot access to the card (without screwdriver...).
Thanks for answering.

Pavel Roskin :
The card is not shown in "lspci" output.  I think it's a PCI-to-PCMCIA
bridge and a PCMCIA card integrated on on MiniPCI board.  I've seen such

If you had a Windows PCI driver for that card as a whole it would have
worked.  But it looks like both Windows and Linux treat this card as a
PCMCIA device in a bridge.  ndiswrapper cannot deal with PCMCIA drivers.


More information about my laptop :

I'm using orinoco 0.15rc3

When i check ` dmesg`, i find this :

Firmware determined as Lucent/Agere 6.14
Ad-hoc demo mode supported
IEEE standard IBSS ad-hoc mode supported
WEP supported, 104-bit key
Station name "HERMES I"