Hi Giri.
Just downloadad and installed on 2.6.15-rc2-git6. Compilation and installation were flawless. This version works perfectly with my RTL8180 PCMCIA card.

(Just a side note: with this card ndiswrapper works perfectly since version 1.3 - I'm just dropping this note only because you asked for testing as lots of code was modified).

If anyone is interested, windows driver is rtl8180.sys - 01/29/2004,5.166.0129.2004 - I also use 16stacks patch from Linuxant.

Best regards,

On 11/24/05, Giridhar Pemmasani <giri@lmc.cs.sunysb.edu> wrote:

1.6-rc2 is available for download _and testing_. There are not many
visible changes to the users, but lot of code has gone through quite a
bit of refactoring / reimplementation. In addition, a few bugs have
been fixed ( e.g., USB devices should be able to suspend/resume -
tested only with Prism54 USB device).

With this release, some of the fields in .conf files generated when
installing Windows driver have changed, so you are encouraged to
reinstall Windows drivers, although at lease for now, ndiswrapper
supports older installations.


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