I have been an avid Linux user and developer for many years.  I really have no other way to put it other than bluntly, but it seems absolutely lazy that you wouldn't include the installation instructions in your README file found in the NDISWRAPPER package.  Having a README file that says to see our website for installation instructions regarding a WIRELESS NETWORK CARD ADAPTER seems as if were a joke in itself.  Would something like that be "kosher" in Windows?  Would an end-user go and buy a Wireless NIC and a driver CD only to find that the CD says "SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS."   I was left without Internet connectivity because I had no other way to access the net, although I had your ndiswrapper package and the necessary driver from Linksys (burned to a CD).

I realize maintaining readme's and package distrubution methods are difficult and time consuming, but telling your end-users to get on the Web for installation instructions is very counterproductive - especially if the driver is specifically FOR connecting to the internet.

Is it possible that you remedy this in your next package releases?

Best Regards,