Hi !

I have a PCI card (wmp54g) which works under 54M, but its supposed to work great under 11M as well.  Actually I have a 11M Dell router (802.11b), and under windows the drivers were working nice, I could always connect without problems because the card can handle both protocols (802.11b / 802.11g).

When trying to configure the card under debian with the ndiswrapper (source version, not debian package), it looks like I get everything working, but I cant get the ESSID to be set, and the reason seems to be that the card doesnt get to hook to the AP.  When I do iwconfig wlan0, I noticed the bit rate set to 54M, and so I tried to change it to 11M with iwconfig wlan0 rate 11M, and although there was no complain, nothing happened since iwconfig wlan0 provided the same information.

My believe is then that the wrapper is not able to handle correctly this, so that it expects to work only under 1 protocol / bit rate (54M), when its possible to handle 2 (11M as well since the card supports it as well as its windows drivers).

Am I right in my appreciation?  What can I do to solve this?  Any hints?



Javier Elías Vásquez Vivas