I wanted to say I got another card:
D-link 650 when I used cardctl ident I got
product info: "DLink", "DWL650 Wireless PC Card RevP", "ISL37101P10", "A3"
manfid: 0x000b, 0x7110
function: 6 (network)
I would like to donate any or both of the cards if you need them.
Sonmez sahutoglu

On 7/15/05, Sonmez Sahutoglu <sonmezsahut@gmail.com> wrote:
I got Netgear 802.11b MA521 wireless pc card. I don't need it anymore. I thought I can donate it if you need one.
Let me know your adress if you wold like me to donate the card.
Thanks for the reat work you do for the Linux community.
Sonmez Sahutoglu

P.S.: when I use lspci I got
         Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8180L 802.1 1b MAC (rev 20)

Sonmez Sahutoglu