i have a laptop that does not have an ethernet card.
i have a wireless card: netgear MA521.

i'm using Debian 3.4.13-sarge1 with kernel 2.6.8.
gcc version 3.4.4 (gcc --version) and that's what the kernel was compiled with (cat /proc/version)

when i try to modprobe ndiswrapper, i get the following error in dmesg:
'unknown symbol: ethtool_op_set_tx_hw_csum'

i spoke to someone in ##kernel on free node that said i need the ethernet module installed (even if i don't have a cable ethernet card on the machine) since the wireless card using the ethernet framework - but as far as i know, i've done so.

then i was told it might be version incompatibility (between the ndiswrapper version and the kernel version)

i would really appreciate any help on this since i've googled for days and found nothing and recompiled the kernel maybe 7 times.

thanks in advance,