You  don't  need  to edit t he file /net/core/wireless.c but you  do need CONFIG_NET_RADIO enabled when  configuring  the  kernel  compile options.


On 1/4/06, Mark Glassberg <> wrote:
On Tue, Jan 03, 2006 at 07:16:19PM -0600, digital route wrote:
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>    Hi Mark,
>    From the linux source:
>    /net/core/wireless.c:EXPORT_SYMBOL(wireless_send_event)
>    So you need to have that enabled when you (re-)compile the kernel.

I really appreciate your prompt reply, but could you please give me a
little more help?  When I configure prior to compiling, do I answer yes
to CONFIG_NET_RADIO and/or any other wireless options?  Is it necessary
to edit /net/core/wireless.c and, if so how?

Thanks in advance,