Pavel Roskin escreveu:

On Sat, 2006-11-25 at 06:30 +0000, Paulo da Silva wrote:

The driver came in a CD from my ASUS wl-167g card.

I have found it on

The actual driver is at

Anyway, from other messages in this list,
this seems to be a known case.

"The problem is ndiswrapper -i is not copying the .sys file to the
 appropriate subdirectory under /etc/ndiswrapper. When I copied it
 manually, everything was fine"

I cannot reproduce this problem with the svn version of ndiswrapper.  I
guess it was fixed.

I have searched for that driver. I found a linux native driver and played
a while with it but it froze my computer! Only forced reboots recover it.

I didn't go any further in search. Thanks for the link. May be this is
a new and improved version.

About svn version - (new 1.30?) I'll give it a try when it is in the
gentoo tree. In the meanwhile I am with 1.26. It works pretty fine.

If something went wrong, I'll came back.

Sorry for not being very helpful at this moment but I am in the process
of upgrading my system including the new k 2.6.19 that is supposed to
be the 1st to support suspension for the SATA drives of my main desktop.
This, among other things, involves a full backup to permit a quick restore
in the case some "disaster" happens.