Hello there.
I mng to get my D-link GWL650+ running with ndiswrapper
and set it with iwconfig :
iwconfig wlan0 channel 8 , key open [2] xxxxxxxxxxxx , essid 'the name'
got it up with ifconfig : ifconfig wlan0 up
and set its IP :
ifconfig wlan0
i remove the eth0 to be sure that he net traffic is getting out of the
D-link card ( ifconfig eth0 down )
but when I tried to ping to the router ( ) i got a " Destination Host Unreachable "
chking the route table i found out that the default GW setting( the set in the rc.conf ) has been removed
so I wrote : " route add -host gw "
but still i got the same msg when trying to ping to the router
( i can ping to the localhost and to my IP ... )

btw : im modprobing the model and iwconfig it every boot cuz frankly i do not know ( yet ) how to do it in any other way .. but im learning ...
[ i just thought that its something needed to know ... ]