Hi - I'm new(ish) to linux, so forgive me if this question seems a bit stupid, but I have got a problem with a laptop I've just bought; it's not directly ndiswrapper related, but the concept kind of flagged up in my mind.

Basically; I'm aware of the fact that ndiswrapper, to put it simply, creates something of an 'interpreter' for the windows .inf driver file, thus allowing us linux users to use wireless networking. I was wondering about whether this could be applied to other devices. At this point, I have to ask forgiveness, because I'm not a coder, so I don't know how much work/thought/planning/swearing would be involved with this, but is it possible to adapt the basic design of ndiswrapper, so it will allow access to, say, the sd card reader of a dell inspiron? There is a windows driver for it, but no-one has thte slightest clue of how to write a driver for it from scratch, since Ricoh (its manufacturer) is being somewhat tight-fisted with technical information.

Obviously, if this is either impossible or far too much hassle, then I apologise for sounding silly. But if it is do-able, I'm more than willing to offer any help that I can.

Incidentally, ndiswrapper works very nicely on the laptop I've got, so thanks a huge amount for all the work that you guys have done to make it happen.

Gerry Grainger