Stable version 1.57 has been released (took lot longer than expected, as Pavel Roskin kept fixing it!). Following is short summary of changes:

* Added support for Linux 2.6.35 - Linux 3.1
* Kernels as old as 2.6.14 are now supported
* IW_AUTH_MFP implemented
* Reserve stack before copying arguments when calling from Windows to Linux
  on x86_64
* Fixed a kernel panic if there are many devices for one driver and one
  fails to initialize
* Fixed a kernel panic with Marvell USB if ndiswrapper is reloaded
* Fixed support for AVM Fritz USB
* Loading drivers with unknown symbols is disallowed, it's a certain crash
* Fixed procfs registration if the network device is renamed
* Added more function stubs
* Build system improved
* Code cleanup, fixed many warnings, style issues and typos