benton - 2005-01-12

Hello, all.

Like many users posting to this list, I am trying to use nidswrapper 1.0RC2 under stock Fedora Core 3. I'm dual-booting a Dell Latitude D800 laptop, which has a Dell TrueMobile 1400 a/b/g Wireless adaptor (Rev 02 of the Broadcom BCM4309 chipset, PCI ID 14e4:4324). Everything compiles just fine, though I do get both the CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK warning and the 4K_STACK warning.

As recommended by the installation instruction's Card List, I have used ndiswrapper to install bcmwl5a.inf (which installs bcmwl5.sys) from Dell's R74092 driver package. The module loads, and the hardware is found, but I can't find any networks, even though I can see them in Windows. Here's a record of my session:

[root@frey ~]# ndiswrapper -l
Installed ndis drivers:
bcmwl5a driver present, hardware present

[root@frey ~]# modprobe ndiswrapper
[root@frey ~]# tail -7 /messages
Jan 12 20:22:53 frey kernel: ndiswrapper version 1.0rc2 loaded (preempt=no,smp=no)
Jan 12 20:22:53 frey loadndisdriver: loadndisdriver: main(462): version 1.0rc2 started
Jan 12 20:22:54 frey kernel: ACPI: PCI interrupt 0000:02:03.0[A] -> GSI 5 (level, low) -> IRQ 5
Jan 12 20:22:54 frey kernel: ndiswrapper: using irq 5
Jan 12 20:22:55 frey kernel: wlan0: ndiswrapper ethernet device 00:90:4b:6c:36:83 using driver bcmwl5a
Jan 12 20:22:55 frey kernel: wlan0: encryption modes supported: WEP
Jan 12 20:22:55 frey kernel: ndiswrapper: driver bcmwl5a (Broadcom,02/17/2004, added

[root@frey ~]# iwconfig
lo no wireless extensions.
eth0 no wireless extensions.
sit0 no wireless extensions.
wlan0 IEEE 802.11a ESSID:off/any
Mode:Managed Frequency:2.462GHz Access Point: 00:00:00:00:00:00
Bit Rate:54Mb/s Tx-Power:-2147483648 dBm
RTS thr:2347 B Fragment thr:2346 B
Encryption key:off
Power Management:off
Link Quality:100/100 Signal level:-10 dBm Noise level:-256 dBm
Rx invalid nwid:0 Rx invalid crypt:0 Rx invalid frag:0
Tx excessive retries:0 Invalid misc:0 Missed beacon:0

[root@frey ~]# iwlist wlan0 scan
wlan0 No scan results

[root@frey ~]# iwconfig wlan0 essid <existing-network-name>
[root@frey ~]# iwlist wlan0 scan
wlan0 No scan results
Has anyone here had experience with this particular setup?

There are 2 things I can think of to try:
1) Try using Dell's R76521 driver - this is the one I'm using under WinXP
2) Rebuild my kernel ( with a different stack size

What is the typical result of trying to run on the stock FC3 kernels and their 4K stack size? Does the module fail to load? Does it hang? Or does it just not find any networks, as in my case? The answer will dictate what I try next.

Many thanks in advance,
- benton