Nick Hughart - 2005-03-18

Having a problem. I've only had two versions of ndiswrapper that have ever worked. With earlier versions of the 2.6 kernel I was able to use version .7

After upgrading to 2.6.10 I had to switch to a newer version. There version that worked was 1.0_rc1.

No other versions of the module have worked. I have tried all the latest, 1.0 and 1.1 and both cause my system to lock when doing 'modprobe ndiswrapper'. I don't know if there was a big change between rc1 and the final version, but I recall that rc2 didn't work for me as well. I would really like to use my card, anyone have suggestions on fixing my problem. I now have kernel 2.6.11.

I've have 4k stacks disabled so I've that isn't the problem.

Running Gentoo

If you need any more info I can get it for you.