Anthony - 2011-05-15

I keep losing my internet. I'm using ndiswrapper with a Netgear wg311v3,
according to the compatibility list it should work fine. I've tried the
Marvell Libertas driver and the Netgear driver, both of them work until I lose
internet. I usually lose internet while streaming video. I'm using ndisgtk, in
the past I had just installed the driver form the command line, but either way
I install it I have this problem. The only way to get my internet back is to
restart the computer, but the problem with that is that my computer hangs on
shutdown because firefox-bin is still running. I can't kill firefox-bin, I've
tried kill -9, pkill -9, and killall -9 none of which work. I tried adding
sudo in front of it but when ever I use sudo it hangs at the command line and
I have to close the command line and open up another if I want to use any more
commands. What should I do.