broadcom4309/truemobile 1450 - system stops

  • siecioslaw

    siecioslaw - 2004-11-06


    I have a problem with using ndiswrapper together with Dell Latitude D600 with Truemobile 1450 (which is Broadcom Corporation BCM4309 802.11a/b/g (rev 03)). When I do:
    modprobe ndiswrapper with AC power - it works OK.

    When I do the same on batteries - system freezes and the only thing I can do is to turn off the computer. If I unplug the computer with ndiswrapper on - the system freezes too.

    I've checked out ndiswrapper versions: 0.8 - 0.11 and the yesterday's cvs. I've tried several Dell drivers - the old and claimed being working - R74092us and the newest R76517.

    Well - anybody has any idea how to work this out?


    • xNaN0x

      xNaN0x - 2004-11-09

      not exactly sure how to fix it, but sounds to me like you are having issues with the kernel not being able to handle the state you are in when the laptop is running on batteries. maybe try a newer kernel if you haven't already.

    • siecioslaw

      siecioslaw - 2004-11-11

      Hi All!

      I did some more tests and I found out some more clues. I found out that if I use driver R76521na I can unplug AC power and ot still works as well as when I connect it again :) But there is still a problem when booting linux on batteries. The system freezes on loading ndiswrapper. But I found some solution which gives some more clues. If I boot windows XP first (with WiFi on) then I can reboot (without turning off the computer) and ndiswrapper works ok.

      This behavior makes me think that there is a problem with powering on the miniPCI device which cannot be correctly handled by the ndiswrapper or the kernel - don't know.

      Does anybody know how it shoud work? My guess is that the driver should use the acpi function to power on the device which is not done during ndiswrapper init or it is done but because of broken bios or something it is not succesful.

      Some more technical info:
      Computer Dell Latitude D600 BIOS rev A14
      Kernels tested: by Mandrake, pure, 2.6.9 pure, 2.6.10 rc1, 2.6.10 rc1 mm4 (some acpi fix-up)
      Ndiswrapper: 0.11 as well as CVS from yesterday.

      Can somebody with similar configuration confirm the problem and if this does not appear write about the config?

      Any other ideas?


    • siecioslaw

      siecioslaw - 2005-01-22

      Hi There again!

      I found out (I hope) what is going on. After a cold start the wifi card is not initialized and the kernel does not do it by itself. So when I try to modprobe ndiswrapper the kernel crashes as it is not able to contact the physical device. Aparently it looks like the Broadcom ndis driver does not initialize the minipci wifi card. As it is hotplug it propably is in power-off state. The driver assumes that the kernel does it for it.

      If you turn on full BIOS testing than the card is initialized by the BIOS and you can modprobe ndiswrapper with no problems.

      Perhaps somebody knows how to (some commands?) initialize the device with ACPI?



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