navilein - 2007-02-08

I'm trying to modprobe my DWL-G120 wirless card (d-link) in ndiswrapper. Every time i do so (and the wireless card is plugged in the usb port) I get a kernel panic saying:
something about kernel panic in mm/vmalloc.c:366
a softirq error.

If the wireless device is not plugged in, i have no error. Yet, i've checked it with two other laptops, with the same specifications as my desktop's (see bellow) and it gave no error -- so the card works (it's new actually).

I have:
kernel 2.6.18-suspend2-r1 (i compiled it fresh)
DWL-G120 wireless card, drivers for windows xp

Any help would be MUCH appreciated.
PS: my computer is actually a desktop (pentium 3). when i checked the card, i checked it on two different laptops (both with gentoo, and both toshiba). they worked without any problem. could it make a difference the fact that tehy are laptops and mine is a desktop ? (just asking, don't really believe so. or at least it shouldn't).