Netgear WG111 (Realtek 8187) Fedora Core 6

  • Eric Donkersloot


    I'm using the 16K stack kernel from linuxant for FC6 (which can be found here: to eliminate the 4K stack size the default fedora kernels have.
    I compiled the ndiswrapper module from source successfully, however I can't get my Netgear WG111v2 (RTL8187) to work properly. The kernel module installs fine, the wlan0 interface has been configured as well.
    However, the wireless networks that show up in NetworkManager do not make any sense to me; I can't see these networks on my powerbook for instance and my own network is not included.
    Has anyone been able to use ndiswrapper successfully with this chipset ? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Eric Donkersloot


      I solved it by using the Win98/Me beta driver from Netgear.


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