MA111- not recognised

  • sumithar

    sumithar - 2005-07-20

    I posted this on the ndiswrapper forum but didn't receive any response so I am trying here.

    I am running KNoppix 3.9 from a live CD and using the ndiswrapper that came on the CD.
    These are the entries in the packages.txt file for this distro.

    ndiswrapper-modules-2.6. 1.1rc3-1(Linux kernel module for NdisWrapper for 2.6.11)
    ndiswrapper-utils 1.1rc3-1 (User space tools for ndiswrapper)

    I downloaded the driver files for the USB adapter Netgerar MA111.

    I followed these steps

    ndiswrapper -i /mnt/hda5/netma111.inf
    This displayed a message
    "installing netma111"

    THen I did
    ndiswrapper -l

    This showed
    Installed ndis drivers
    netma111 driver present

    THen I did modprobe ndiswrapper
    Nothing was displayed, I checked /var/log/messages file it was empty.

    WHen I now do
    it shows that my adapter is present

    Now when I do ifconfig
    it doesn't show wlan0 entry

    ifconfig wlan0 up
    gives "no such device"

    So what am I missing?

    • sumithar

      sumithar - 2005-07-21

      Thank you so much for a response. I was beginning to think I could never figure this one out.

      Based on your advice first thing I checked my adapater. It was MA111v2 and the driver I had downloaded from the "List" on the wiki site was for v1
      So I downloaded the v2 drivers from

      I rebooted from CD and repeated the process.

      ndiswrapper -i /mnt/hda5/MA111v2/MA111v2.inf

      ndiswrapper -l
      This time it showed that the hardware was present.

      I also checked in /etc/ndiswrapper/ma111v2 directory. There was an entry 0846:4230.0.conf and the numbers match what I get when I type "lsusb" which wasn't the case earlier.

      modprobe ndiswrapper
      I checked in the system log after entering this command by entering the command dmesg

      I found the following entries at the end

      ndiswrapper version 1.1.rc3 loaded
      ndiswrapper: driver MA111v2 (Netgear 05/28/2004 5.1.1039.1030 loaded)

      ndiswrapper (ndiswrapper_add_one_usb_dev:311) Windows driver could not initialize the device (C000009A)

      ndiswrapper: probe of 1-2:1.0 failed with error -22
      usbcore: registered new driver ndiswrapper

      "ifconfig', "ifconfig wlan0' up and "iwconfig" all have same failure results as earlier

      So is my only alternative to get the latest ndiswrapper?

    • Giridhar Pemmasani

      Either the driver is not meant for your hardware or the driver claims to be for your hardware but with different usb ID. See /etc/ndiswrapper/netma111/*.conf files. The .conf file(s) should have usb ID (returned by 'lsusb') in the name. If not, and the driver is really for the hardware, you may need to create an alias (use 'ndiswrapper -d' option). Also, consider using newer stable release.


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