diswrapper installed with broadcom bcmwl5

  • CrashOveride00

    CrashOveride00 - 2005-01-17


    I've installed the broadcom bcmwl5 driver for my
    truemobile 1300 card, the module loads fine, i checked to make sure that the version i installed of
    ndiswrapper was the only one on the machine, i set the ESSID, i did all the proper configuration steps, and I am sure that the radio is on (i set it to on in the bios, and also tried different combinations of fn+f2 which is what my laptop uses to enable or disable the radio) and everytime i do a

    iwlist wlan0 scan

    i get no results. My network is definitely setup to
    broadcast the SSID, its just not finding it. I try to
    go through all the steps to bring up the interface
    anyway, but it just doesnt work. The module is definitely loaded correctly because i checked the log files with dmesg, and when i switch over to windows i pick up and see the wireless network just fine. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

    • benton

      benton - 2005-01-18

      Hey, CrashOveride00.

      I am having the same problem with my TrueMobile 1400. My bug report is two mesages down on this forum:

      Are you running one of the Red Hat distros by any chance? If so, did you recompile the kernel with the 4K stack size option? This is what I plan to try next.

      • benton

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