Santiago M - 2006-06-02

This is a DLink USB Device.. depends on

A5AGU.sys - driver
ar5523.bin - Soft Firmware

I have tried to even install athfmwdl.inf with no luck.. current kernel has 8k stack. I would like to use 16k stack but I would also like to keep my optimization performance patch.

When I first install it says
"driver present"

after manually pointing it to USBID and Vendor ID it will finally say.
"driver present, hardware present"

I think the main problem I have is getting the Firmware to load itself. with the latest ndiswrapper its suppost to auto load the firmware; I don't think it does though because the my USBID/VENDOR ID's haven't been trained.. what file do I edit to add my vender ID and USB ID to get the firmware loader to autoload the firmware software, and to recongnize my hardware offhand.