ndiswrapper and Linux-2.6.33

  • Dmitry V. Krivenok


    I found that latest version of ndiswrapper is not compilable with linux kernel
    Is there a plan to release new version of ndiswrapper compatible with latest
    A patch is highly appreciated.


  • matser1973

    matser1973 - 2010-03-19

    it is compilable with kernel, and, when it is compiled and
    installed, usable with 2.6.33 and kernels
    it is not compilable with 2.6.33(.1) because this kernel is not same with the
    wirless extention option...

  • Robert Raitz

    Robert Raitz - 2010-05-17

    Actually, if you have a kernel greater than, you can make it work.
    You have to turn on mac80211 support under Networking support ---> Wireless,
    and pick one of the Intel wireless drivers under Device drivers ---> Network
    device support ---> Wireless LAN. Set that driver as a module since you don't
    want it loading...or trying to load. Blacklisting in not neeeded as the Intel
    module will fail when it doesn't find the PIC address it expects. Turning that
    driver on will turn on WIRELESS_EXT, which is still in the kernel, even up to
    2.6.34. The proof is I am posting this message using 2.6.34 and ndiswrapper.
    You can use any of the Intel drivers, as they all turn on WIRELESS_EXT.

    This works with Gentoo. For other distros, as long as you set as described,
    you should be able to finish ndiswrapper compilation.


  • Robert Raitz

    Robert Raitz - 2010-05-17

    PCI address.


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