US Robotics USR5410 - WPA activation

  • Paulo

    Paulo - 2010-04-21


    I've just installed Ubuntu on a laptop and I need help getting the USRobotics
    USR5410 wireless pcmcia card going.

    I've managed to get it working through ndiswrapper, but I don't have options
    to enter WPA key.

    If I go into Network Connections I can select WPA and enter the password
    there. But when I select a network manually by clicking the networks icon at
    the top right and then choosing the network name, I only get options for WEP.
    (I suspect that the option to enter WPA in network conections actually has no
    effect, and is a benign bug.)

    The network I want to connect to uses WPA.

    The Windows driver file I used was USR11g_v6.0b15.exe, from USR site.

    I'm also using the latest version of ndiswrapper.

    This is reported to work with WPA under Ubuntu/Linux.

    The sequence I followed was

    Download driver files to home/me/downloads/
    Unpack driver file with cabextract an unshield
    Copy a couple of .bin files and one .sys file into the unpacked Inf folder
    (alongside usr11g.inf)
    $sudo ndiswrapper -i usr11g.inf

    $ndiswrapper -l

    ... confirms its installed OK

    ...lists it OK

    Any help greatly received!

    System: Karmic 2.6.31-20-generic

  • Brinley Ang

    Brinley Ang - 2010-04-24


    Can you confirm if you have wpasupplicant package installed?
    And that you have used the same drivers mentioned in the wiki for your device?


  • Paulo

    Paulo - 2010-04-24

    Yes, I checked that wpasupplicant is installed, it is. (seems to be by

    And I installed the drivers quoted in the wiki, which is the 6.0b15 driver
    package, which are the latest drivers with WPA provision.

    Out of interest I found this blog entry...

    which suggests editing the .inf file before running ndiswrapper. Couldn't get
    it to work either (Ie neither edited nor unedited inf file allows WPA), and
    wasn't convinced that the edits would achieve much, but maybe there's
    something I missed.

    I'll have another look at this machine later and dump some lshw just to
    confirm the above.


  • Paulo

    Paulo - 2010-04-24

    OK this seems to be an issue with wpa_supplicant. I assumed that it would
    seamlessly work once the package was installed. :)

    If you could give me a hand setting it up I'd be grateful. Most of the info I
    can find is confusing, contradictory and/or out of date.

    Thanks, Paul


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